Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (pictured) has reportedly unveiled plans concerning how the western American state intends to emerge from the almost total lockdown he implemented a little over six weeks ago as part of a campaign to stop the spread of coronavirus.

According to a report from The Nevada Independent newspaper, the March 17 isolation order from the Democratic leader involved the temporary shuttering of non-essential facilities such as restaurants, shopping malls and bars alongside every one of Nevada’s collection of 441 commercial casinos.

Contagion crest:

Coronavirus has so far killed 243 people in Nevada although Sisolak reportedly used a Thursday press conference to detail that ‘The Silver State’ is now thought to have made it through the worst of the pandemic after recording a peak in the number of individuals testing positive for the highly-infectious ailment on April 24. The 66-year-old also purportedly explained that cases and hospitalizations associated with the potentially-lethal affliction have since been in decline and that he is now hoping to begin the first phase of his statewide re-opening plan by May 15.

Autonomous authority:

The newspaper reported that that the initial stage of Sisolak’s plan will involve the creation of the Local Empowerment Advisory Panel (LEAP), which is to be tasked with helping local communities to meet a strict set of re-opening criteria. This independent body will purportedly also be asked to collect data regarding the prevalence and supply of protective equipment as well as the rates of infections and deaths from coronavirus.

Sisolak reportedly proclaimed…

“It would be a disservice to the residents and businesses in our state to pretend like Esmeralda County is the same as Nye County or that Clark County is the same as Elko County. They’re not and that’s okay. It’s why our response efforts should reflect our regional differences while still operating under our shared statewide goal of keeping Nevadans safe and restarting our economy.”

Measured movement:

The Nevada Independent reported that LEAP will subsequently be able to separately authorize Nevada’s 16 counties and one independent city to begin re-opening non-essential businesses such as stand-alone retail stores and dine-in restaurants. Sisolak purportedly proclaimed that such enterprises will furthermore be required to comply with ‘extremely aggressive social distancing measures’ that are to include a provision that their employees wear protective face masks and gloves.

Casino concession:

However, the newspaper reported that this first re-opening phase is to maintain the current prohibition on social events and public gatherings of over ten people alongside the closure of all bars, nightclubs, sporting events, concerts and in-person church services. Sisolak purportedly moreover pronounced that casinos will not be allowed to begin welcoming gamblers until further into the process with any definitive decision to be driven by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Reportedly read a statement from Sisolak…

“We will not enter a new phase unless the data demonstrates that our public health system is ready to do its job. Let me assure you I have taken all the ramifications into account in attempting to balance the physical and economic well-being of every Nevadan. I believe we are moving at the right pace and in the right direction but that balance, weighted towards keeping Nevadans safe and indeed alive, will always be my guide.”