The Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino of Las Vegas has announced their new culinary portfolio, with five new restaurant concepts being revealed by the venue. The Lucky Drago has worked with Willy Ng of San Francisco, of renowned restaurants Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux, in the creation of the new restaurants. Each restaurant has a unique concept, with Ng working with the casino from the early design stage to ensure each offering is authentic and cutting-edge.

Ng stated in a press release that he has worked with the Lucky Dragon from early on to ensure an authentic Asian culinary experience. Quick-serve options as well as all-day cart service are included. In the mix are dim sum experiences, an indoor-outdoor tea garden and more.

The culinary portfolio is being created by Executive Chef de Cuisine Jacky Leung and Executive Chef Phuoc Luu, both of which who will be overseeing the launch as well as opening of each food and beverage venue of the Lucky Dragon property.

Matt Harkness, the General Manager of the Lucky Dragon, stated that the venue is extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with Willy as well as his team to map out the culinary programming for the casino, with his expertise being invaluable to the success of the venue. Harkness says the additions of Chef Luu and Chef Leung in the daily operations will make the venue be in great hands to be able to deliver the most authentic and innovative Asian culinary destination in Las Vegas.

Dragon’s Alley is one restaurant the casino will be offering which will evoke the feelings from the night markets located in Beijing along Ghost Street and other areas such as Taipei. The space will be lit by lanterns and breakfast to late night meals will be served. The menu will be rotating and feature live seafood, dim sum, boba tea and more. Jewel Kitchen will be located inside of Dragon’s Alley which will extend onto the floor of the casino. Players will be able to watch as the food is being prepared.

Offering all-day cart service at lunch and dinner, Pearl Ocean will be another dining experience on offer once the casino opens. Live seafood will also be offered. Phoenix is a fine-dining option to be located on-site, offering just 60 seats for an intimate guest experience. Culinary trends from China will be the focus with dishes such as abalone and deer tendon.

Guests of the Lucky Dragon can visit the Cha Garden for a tea garden with indoor and outdoor areas. A wide variety of teas will be offered as well as tapas, yum cha and more. This area will be open 24 hours a day with pool cabanas transforming to private tea huts during the nighttime hours.

Boa Now is the last dining option, one that will be located next to the main gaming floor. Grab-and-go food choices will be located here including rice, noodles, soups and dim sum, among other dishes.