Located in Salamanca, New York, the Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino is now offering a new dimension of entertainment and comfort thanks to a brand new gaming floor. The resort has revealed the new design of the gaming floor, one that is created for comfort as guests enjoy the casino gaming entertainment. The makeover consisted of the slot machine bases being reconfigured to create a more comfortable environment, one that includes larger chairs.

In the past, the gaming floor consisted of the standard slot machine chair, one that has a 28 inch base. Guests would be only a few feet apart from each other, sometimes feeling cramped. Now, the casino offers a new seating style so players will be very comfortable while enjoying their favorite slot games.

The Bradford Era reports that Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino General Manager, Gus Tsivikis, stated that he wanted to provide something different for guests. The gaming floor now offers 32 inch bases for the slot game chairs, with built-in foot rests for added comfort. The chairs are larger and can rotate 360 degrees. An additional feature of the chairs are that they have the ability to adjust forwards, backwards, up and down. Personal comfort is an added bonus that guests are sure to enjoy.

According to Tsivikis, no other operator offers this level of comfort. The casino hosts over 3 million visitors each year from Canada and the United States, and took a look at their slot games, trying to figure out how to make the gaming experience better. The casino decided to make the gaming floor more comfortable so guests would choose to visit the Seneca Allegany for a reason, not just with comfort in the hotel and spa area but also the gaming floor.

To create a more comfortable space, the casino had to sacrifice the number of slot machines available. The casino lost 100 slot machines to accommodate the larger seats for comfort. Tsivikis’ decision to cut the slot machines to create a more comfortable space was one that was supported by management of the casino. The guest reaction has been phenomenal, giving the management team all the proof they need that the changes are a success.

Officials of the casino reported that along with the new slot seating, the gaming floor received new carpeting. Carpeting was installed throughout the casino, which is 68,000 square feet in space. The project was completed in time for the Christmas holidays as well as the annual New Year’s Eve celebration of the casino.