For decades now the House of Representatives in the state of New Hampshire has voted against legislation on casino gambling in the area. On April 29th, the House yet again voted “no” to legislation that would bring two casinos to the state. With the vote, any hope of the 109 year old Rockingham Park to see Thoroughbred racing return in the foreseeable future was cut short.

The bill, Senate Bill 113, had already moved forward during a Senate vote of 13-11 but was shot down by the House in yesterday’s vote. The bill would have seen the development of a large destination casino in the southern area of the state near the border of Massachusetts. A smaller casino would have been added in another section of New Hampshire.

Those in support of the measure were pushing for casinos to bring a tax-free stream of revenues as well as a creator of much-needed jobs in the state. Proponents also cited the fact that residents are traveling to Maine and Massachusetts to take part in casino gaming. Opposing counter arguments including opinions that the potential revenues would be negated by the social costs of gaming as well as be an unreliable source of income for the state.