WET Holdings, Inc., developer of a 200+ acre themed resort in Las Vegas announced today that it has reached an exclusive agreement with Big Vision Entertainment (The Ultimate Blackjack Tour) and Sam Korkis (The Bachelor) to develop both reality-based programs on the development and operation of its new resort as well as documentaries on certain components of the project. The resort, to be developed south of the main “Strip” in Las Vegas, but near other new casino resorts underway, will also feature the largest indoor waterpark in North America, a Snow Dome where guests can ski and snowboard indoors year-round on real snow, a 65 acre theme park, multiple hotels and casinos, and a large retail/dining/entertainment complex.

“When Sam approached us regarding the concepts for the various shows, we realized that we truly did have something off the beaten path in the way of concept and story line.? Said company Chairman Steve Dooner. Sam pointed out that some of the components like the snow dome, waterpark, power generation systems, and even the parking structure would be ideal for the documentary approach, while all the work and personalities involved in the overall development would have an entertainment as well as informative value. Dooner said. For example, one of the projects parking structures will be the largest in the world if built as planned to accommodate 20,000 cars, and the snow dome will be one of the largest ever built. Korkis points out In the early fifties, Disney brought us the TV show ?Disneyland?? that not only featured Disney cartoons and shorts, it also gave the world a glimpse of what was being built in Anaheim. We hope that these programs will do the same.?

With the agreement in place, Korkis and Big Vision will now begin development of the different program concepts before approaching the various networks. The opportunities are almost limitless. Imagine ?Top Chef? where the winner could actually wind up with a restaurant in the project; or ?Really Big Things? if you consider the size and scope of things like the snow dome.” Dooner said.

The overall development (www.lasvegaswet.com) will be structured differently than most resorts in Las Vegas in that not one single company is the developer/owner. Rather, many of the components will actually be joint ventures with third parties. This, along with the diverse nature of the project, make it not only unique, but quite a challenge for the Company. Founded by veterans from theme park giants Disney and Universal, and whose management includes veterans from Harrah’s and MGM Mirage, the Company sought to develop something not currently available in Las Vegas, and something that was far more than any attraction or resort developed to this point. “With land prices reaching tens of millions an acre, and the multitude of condos being built, this was obvious to us as the next step in the resort model.” Dooner said.

WET Holdings was founded by theme park, gaming, and hospitality veterans to establish the next generation in location based entertainment through the combination of existing concepts and brands in the leisure, hospitality and resort industries. Combining concepts that have typically been disparate allows a greater penetration of various markets and enhancing the attendance and experience of each. Through new developments and strategic acquisitions, the company expects to grow significantly over the next ten years. In addition, the company has focused on green technology and will be the first development in Nevada to be powered by fuel cells and microturbines.

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