The details of The Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns multi-million dollar upgrade have been revealed and show the casino, new cafe-bistro, hotel lobbies, guest reception areas, lounge, and cocktail bar, have a high-tech design and classy look.

Early in June, tenders will close and work is expected to begin at June’s end, with completion in time for Christmas. Allan Tan, the property’s chief executive said the emphasis of the upgrade was to invest in the local economy by utilizing a locally-based main contractor, as well as Stratford-based Dbarch Architects for the designs, according to the Cairns Post.

Upgrades to the North Queensland venue include a “hero” centerpiece in the lobby of the casino, which consists of an LED pillar with four sides with multiple moving images that are part of an interactive LED floor that reacts to footsteps. The new live entertainment venue in the casino will be the new Vertigo bar, which will consist of an expanding stage, noise absorbing slat walls, LED staging panels, and new staging and audio visual equipment. Five-star facilities will comprise the hotel lobby, including a usable art centerpiece, new check-in area, and comfortable loungers. Other new additions include more seating and a new entry for the Tamarind Restaurant and the Café China will get a revamped contemporary entry, as well. And a corridor connecting the hotel to the casino will feature a special LED-lit ceiling.

The details of the proposals were unveiled on Wednesday at the trust’s annual meeting, which also included news of a slow start to the first four months of this year compared with last year’s record profit and revenues. According to Tan, the financial performance of the property was “well within expectations,” with revenues from the hotel and table games increasing while high roller income, as well as electronic games revenue, was lower than in 2015.

Ban Macdonald, the trust chairman, said Project L1, the name given to the new upgrade, was “an exciting investment and renovation project which is aimed at driving growth partly in 2016 but mainly beyond 2016.” He said, “While we are pleased with our record profit last year, 2016 is a new year and therefore a new challenge.”

In other news from the land down under, last month the federal government there stripped the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority of its power to approve and renew gaming licenses. The decision was made on the heels of the discovery that an action by the authority permitted the largest illegal bookmaker in the world, Citibet, to enter the country’s multi-billion dollar racing market.