To mark today’s fifth annual International Day Of Happiness, Australian wagering giant Tatts Group has released the results of a special survey that found over 28% of lottery players in New South Wales felt that they needed a win of at least AUD$10 million ($7.7 million) in order to fully realize their dreams.

The investigation, which was conducted by Brisbane-based market research and communications solutions firm ReachTEL on behalf of Tatts Group, discovered that 28.6% of NSW Lotteries players wanted at least AUD$10 million while a further 20.7% of respondents would not be happy with less than AUD$8 million ($6.2 million).

“From speaking to our million-dollar winners, it’s clear that everyone has a different and unique dream,” read a statement from Matt Hart, NSW Lotteries spokesperson for Tatts Group. “For some, it’s paying off their mortgage and going on a Mediterranean cruise while for others it’s that long overdue trip to the dentist and being able to go to the salon rather than color your hair at home.”

The survey from Tatts Group additionally revealed that 15.8% of respondents would only be fully content with a lottery win of at least AUD$4 million ($3 million) while the same percentage nominated a windfall of AUD$2 million ($1.5 million) as their desired prize followed by 19.2% who would be happy with AUD$1 million ($773,000).

Tatts Group explained that the results of its latest survey are especially surprising as its previous study conducted only six months ago found that a majority of New South Wales lottery players would be able to fulfill their dreams with AUD$1 million.

“It’s surprising to see that in 2017 New South Welshmen’s dreams have suddenly become ten times more expensive to realize,” read the statement from Hart. “Sadly, this survey suggests that New South Wales adults are feeling their dreams are a little more out of reach, perhaps because of concerns about the cost of living, the economy or maybe recent international developments.”

When asked how a lottery win would help them to realize their dreams, 32.2% of respondents said that it was a case of knowing that they were debt-free and financially secure while 26.6% declared that it would make them happy to be able to help out their family and friends.

“It’s clear New South Wales is a generous state,” read the statement from Hart. “In the past, only about one-quarter have said they would not share a AUD$1 million lottery win with family, friends and charity. This latest survey suggests that the act of helping family and friends is one of the key things that would make a New South Wales lottery winner happy.”

The survey revealed that 12% of NSW Lotteries players would realize their dreams by being able to donate to charity while 11.2% wanted to retire early although 9.4% equated their ultimate lifestyle with “feeling free to do what I want”.

“Interestingly, previous NSW Lotteries research showed most New South Welshmen told us they would also need AUD$10 million to be able to quit work and retire early,” read the statement from Hart. “So perhaps New South Welshmen have made a correlation between realizing their dreams and quitting their jobs.”