The virtual world and standard lottery gaming continue to combine across the United States. Lottery tickets can be purchased online and applications are being created for mobile devices to allow players to check the results of purchased lottery tickets for ease of game play. In New York, a new scratch-off ticket debuted today that offers scanning via a mobile application to reveal any prize earned.

The New York Lottery has released the Gold Castle lottery game which has a price tag of $5 per ticket. The game requires players to purchase a ticket from a land based lottery retailer but provides scanning features via online with a mobile application. Players can choose to scratch off the ticket in the traditional manner or use the application to see what prize has been won.

Gardner Gurney is the Director of the New York Lottery who stated in a press release that the New York Lottery is proud to be offering the first-ever scratch-off that brings augmented reality to life in game play. Players who enjoy the new lottery game will be able to earn a prize worth up to $250,000. Odds on winning the top prize are 1 in 1.7 million.

Other prizes begin at $5 and go as high as $2,000. Players of the New York Lottery who want to use the scanning application will find the app under NY Lottery 3D via the Apple or Android app store.