Online casino software provider Pragmatic Play has enhanced its popular Live Casino vertical, having added what is lauded as a “revolutionary product” to the fast-growing games suite. Boom City is said to appeal to fans of live casino, and those that typically enjoy the provider’s “wider offerings,” e.g. Slots and Virtual Sports.

Played out via a custom-built set, the “ingenious” new game with innovative mechanics spotlights a studio-size 6×6 grid with a total of 36 squares, each of which represents a unique outcome. From the board, players place their bets, and wins are determined by the roll of a pair of giant dice, on their way to a possible max win of 20,000x!

Bonus Games & Power-Up:

Depending on the outcome of the two rolled dice (the blue die dictates the horizontal outcome and the gold determines the vertical) players are able to qualify for one of three bonus games – Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom or Bust –  receive an instant cash payout or increase their winnings with a special feature Power-Up feature that sees squares randomly multiplied.

The game displays instant cash prizes on the 6×6 board, with Bronze prizes awarding a 1x multiplier, while Silver indicates a 2x prize and Gold a 5x win. Conversely, landing on a bust symbol will result in an instant loss.

Boom City’s range of bonus games boosts its base game, seeing Boom or Bust challenge players to progress through levels with measured risk and reward.

More Features:

Three additional features, Level Up, Safe Value and Hyper Jump, increase the available multipliers or help players move up levels. Through these mechanics, players are able to make decisions during gameplay, thereby increasing direct player engagement.

Dice Battle:

One example of that is when players land on a Dice Battle sqaure. When that happens, they choose between a pair of battling dice. Each side of the die has three rolls to land the highest number, with the winning side awarding the sum of their winnings along with the cumulative amount of the losing dice.

Lucky Drop:

In the Lucky Drop bonus round, players are given six rolls of a dice and chooses one of six columns, which are home to increasing multipliers with each consecutive roll coordinating to whatever number they’ve chosen.

Universal Appeal:

In a company press release, Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer for Pragmatic Play, said…

Boom City offers various bonuses, features and outcomes that will appeal to both Live Casino fans along with those that typically enjoy our wider offerings.

“Its highly entertaining gameplay provides players with decision-making opportunities that further increase engagement and also offers a huge max win of 20,000x, all played out in a custom-built set that combined create a unique, fun and easily consumed experience.”

Studio Set-up::

According to the provider, 4k cameras that use low streaming latency will capture Boom City’s game show format, and users will be provided with a detailed bet history along with the opportunity to chat with the host, other players and live support, making for an “appealing and entertaining experience.”