Capturing the essence of fire is the theme of the latest slot game from NextGen Gaming. Aptly named Flame, the new slot title takes on the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of fire, adding a twist of cyberpunk subculture to provide a modern touch. Moving away from the typical red, yellow and orange, Flames takes on the more intense blue and purple glow, offering players quality gameplay with every spin of the reels.

Flame is a five-reel online slot game with 20 lines, offering seven quality mini-features for more opportunities to win. In an extra spins feature, players will be able to earn 15 extra spins, with a Wild-Bonus that can increase the frequency of the additional spins.

During gameplay, the Cross Flare mini-feature can pop up on the reels, which leads to flames opening from the right to left to pay for that particular spin, awarding more wins to players. The Flare Up feature will see flames appearing on the reels, resulting in Wild Multipliers awarding up to 10x the multiplier for the spin.

Fire Whirl is yet another mini-feature of the game that includes fiery flames. The flames rise up across the reels to create a bonus prize for each picture symbol, of course, awarding more wins in the process. Live Embers will provide players with more prizes by rising up from the Flame to burn Wilds into the reels at random points in the game.

Yet another unique aspect of this game is the Spontaneous Combustion feature. Here, the Flame will heat up and upgrade all the lower value picture symbols to a top tier picture symbol, resulting in more wins. With Wild Inferno, the flames will rise up and lock a wild onto the reels. The wild will then expand across the reel to create a winning combination.

The last mini-feature you might encounter is the Firestorm. Here, the flames will rise up and fuse with all Wilds and Bonus Symbols on the reels to create a Wild-Bonus. This feature will create more wins and activate more extra spin triggers.

Available on desktop and mobile devices, Flame offers players a top award of 7,500 coins. The RTP of this game is 95.51% and 96.61%.