With all live sports games at a standstill, sports bettors have had nothing to wager on. Tonight, as the NFL Draft gets underway, it is expected that players will be betting at full tilt. Experts expect that this year’s draft will see the most bets ever recorded. In the United States, around $5 million in wagers has been estimated to take place involving the draft. This is much more than the $1 million wagered last year.

Much Needed Boost:

The NFL Draft is what the sports betting world needs right now, giving players an outlet during the coronavirus outbreak. Players will be able to log online and place wagers in various regions across the United States, providing a boost to the struggling economy.

The Draft is the only live event for sports that remains on schedule for the next few months, so betting could reach record numbers. FOX Bet has estimated that the market may see around $20 million in wagers placed.

According to Fox News

The United States director of trading for William Hill, Nick Bogdanovich, commented that this year’s draft will have the biggest handle that has ever been seen. It is an isolated event, so it will see more interest than normal.

Betting Options:

Sports betting enthusiasts will have a plethora of wagers to place. From betting on who will be taken first in the draft in various positions to predicting which quarterbacks will be taken first round. Some brands will even offer prop bets such as if a player being drafted will be drinking a beer on camera.

The event is much-needed in the gambling world, as casinos have been shut down for over a month now in many portions of the US. In March, almost 95% of the commercial casinos in the nation shut down. They were followed by around 82% of tribal casinos, with hundreds of thousands of employees now out of work. The coronavirus has hit hard and with the casinos in flux, tens of millions in revenues are lost each month.