In an effort to increase the number of local employees promoted to management positions within the casino industry of Macau, the local government has decided to tighten the renewal process for non-resident casino executives when applying for working visas. According to the Jornal Tribuna de Macau, a local newspaper, the Human Resources Office of Macau has confirmed that the policy change is in place.

The Human Resources Office stated that when assessing requests made by six different casino operators, the bureau considers the firms already present enough conditions to promote local employees to a higher position. If local employees are available to fulfil the necessary conditions to perform the managerial role, then the Human Resources Office would deny requests for working visa renewals for casino executives who are non-residents.

The Human Resources Office of Macau further stated that they would assess questions in a fair and impartial way and would take into account the guidelines of the government as well as the economic development of the city, labor demand and supply as well as any information related to the companies that are applying to import labor.

The overall goal is to free up the managerial positions for the locals.