Having opened only four years ago, the Northern Edge Navajo Casino of Farmington, New Mexico continues to thrive. The venue is still expanding their offerings and providing even more employment as they grow the business. Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprises CEO, Derrick Watchman, has a goal of providing such opportunities of employment and growth within the Navajo Nation, with the Northern Edge being the third casino to be opened by the group.

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise actually operates four casinos in total, including the Fire Rock Navajo Casio, the Flowing Water Navajo Casino and the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort. In total, the four casinos have 1,200 employees with Northern Edge having 300 Employees, 86 who are Navajo. The Northern Edge Casino is located in Upper Fruitland south of Farmington and offers a gaming facility and live entertainment for visitors to enjoy. The venue also includes a gift shop that offers Navajo arts and crafts.

The third quarter ‘net win’ numbers were recently released for the Indian casinos of New Mexico. The term ‘net win’ is referring to the amount that is wagered on the gaming machines after the amount paid in cash and non-cash prizes, state or tribal regulatory fees, have been removed. This term basically refers to the amount the casinos have for profit. According to the numbers release, the Navajo Nation was able to earn $19.3 million from Northern Edge and Fire Rock venues combined.