A prominent Ontario-based casino and sports betting operator, NorthStar Gaming Holdings Inc., announced that its NorthStarBets.com platform launched in Ontario in May 2022 will now bring the live casino and sports wagering experience across the entire Canadian territory.

Commenting on the plans, Michael Moskowitz, Chair and CEO of NorthStar Gaming, said: “We are thrilled to take this groundbreaking step and become a truly national brand. As a Canadian company, we are confident we understand local consumers better than the large international competitors and that we offer a premium experience that best meets their needs. We expect the Canada-wide launch to be an important catalyst that drives growth in our customer base and revenues for years to come.”

Focused On Platform Quality:

NorthStar, set to provide an outstanding and uniquely local user experience, has commenced the promotional campaign and uses various media and tools to bring the brand closer to the Canadians. The campaign is focused on the premium gaming experience delivered by NorthStarBets.com with its excellence being promoted through national advertising and social media, as well as through in-market promotions planned for various regions across the country over the forthcoming period.

Unique Platform Features:

NorthStar owns and operates The NorthStarBets brand and boasts that the platform’s competitive advantage is reflected in its unique features, such as real-time sports news, statistics, analysis and proprietary editorial content. According to the company, customer service is customized to resolve any issues in a quick and efficient manner. The operator’s partnership with the top-tier gaming content and technology providers ensures the quality of the content to be offered across the country and reportedly updated by AI capabilities to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

The company expects that the launch will significantly expand its reach and the impact on the customer base to facilitate a rapid growth of its operations in the lucrative online sports betting and iGaming Canadian market estimated to reach $8.5 billion by 2026. As the Ontario accounts for only 40% of the market, NorthStar is looking to boost revenues and provide the investment pool for developments referring to infrastructural and human resources, as well as proprietary content and marketing activities.

Leading Hub:

The company uses this milestone to ensure a favorable position in the provinces set to regulate gaming operations. As a Canadian company, NorthStar is already well positioned to become a leading hub for sports media and sports wagering providers and operators. The announced launch is likely to bring the company a huge step closer to the desired post.