The New South Wales government took its time to go through the proposal and documentation submitted by James Packer’s Crown Resorts for the construction of a $1.3 billion hotel complex in Barangaroo. The proposal highlighted that the casino would be used for high-stakes  VIP-only gambling and has guaranteed to provide the state of New South Wales with a set amount of minimum revenues annually for the next 15 years.

Premier Barry O’Farrell from the New South Wales council confirmed that the application was approved and a license issued permitting James Packer’s Crown Resorts to commence construction of the controversial casino. The Barangaroo casino will be called the Crown Sydney or Barangaroo South.

Barangaroo is expected to benefit immensely from this project as a total of 1,200 jobs will be created and locals will be encouraged to apply for these posts. This more than billion dollar casino resort will also attract residents and tourists to Barangaroo bringing in more revenue together with the massive income expected via tax returns.

A casino is set to operate at Barangaroo from November 2019 after the state government announced an agreement with James Packer’s Crown Resorts for VIP-only gambling at its proposed $1.3 billion hotel complex. James Packer has promised to use all his resources to make the Crown Sydney the best hotel casino in the world. Packer’s company also owns the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne.

Yet there are a number of groups and lobbyists who are unhappy with the New South Wales government for providing Packer with a permit. Nick Xenophon, an independent senator said “I suspect what will happen here is that the standards will continually be reduced so this will no longer be a high-roller casino in years to come. If James Packer isn’t making the projected returns on this casino, then obviously he will be lobbying again through his very powerful stable of lobbyists on both sides of politics, [including] ex-politicians, to get the standards changed.”