After acquiring Garbo in 2014, Mr Green decided to put the online casino on hold until they were able to develop a new technology platform. The new platform was introduced in 2016 and plans were created to launch Garbo once again. Mr Green is now ready to relaunch the online casino starting first in Sweden and offer a renewed online gaming site, one structured for mobile gamers.

CEO of Mr Green & Go, Per Norman, commented on the relaunch by stating: “We believe that Garbo has the potential to become a strong, global brand, just like Mr Green. This is a cost-efficient introduction due to the fact that we can take advantage of Mr Green’s competences, digital knowledge, and supplier relations. The first version of Garbo is built for mobile users on the same technology platform as Mr Green which gives significant scale advantages.”

Led by Oskar Mühlbach, Garbo was a planned relaunch. Mühlbach joined Mr Green early last year and with a team of four has worked on the revitalization of the online casino site. Plans for the relaunch began last year with Garbo now being reintroduced into the market in Sweden first, with other markets to follow in the future.

Mr. Mühlbach also commented on the launch of the online casino brand, stating that it is fantastic to be in a position to see Garbo relaunched. Mühlbach promises that the brand will offer ‘catchy, clever tonality’ creating a fun and personal experience. Even though Sweden has several mobile gaming sites already available, Mühlbach feels that there is a position for Garbo in the market.