A new membership based online gambling site has opened in Arizona in the name of charity. Member of CharityStakes.com pay under $20 a month for unlimited access to four games and various sports betting pools. Out of this $5 goes straight to charity and another $5 goes for the winner’s pools and is run by Scottsdale-based CharityStakes LLC. Because members cannot lose any money it is not considered a gambling website in the US.

Co-founded by Michael Schapp and Barbara Bucca they were looking for a way to draw in charitable donations while meeting the increased need for something to do without using gas which continues to rise in price. Allowing people to game online or place wagers on major sporting events from the comfort of their home and compete for money is a likely enough “bet.”

Some of the charity choices include the national Cancer Society or Make-a-Wish Foundation. You can also chose to contribute to the Republican or Democratic National Comittee if thats where you’d rather place your $5 donation.

Membership is offered on a month to month basis, no contract required which allows for flexible budgeting another draw. The site reminds people thay are not a gambling site since they make it impossible to lose your money like a regular online casino. You pay your membership fee and thats your losses for the month no matter how many hands you play or lose.