OTG is a company that creates top quality airline concessions for airports around the United States. The management team of the company recently filed an IPO to try and expand their business operations to more airports within the United States. OTG wants to be able to create more revenues from their existing offerings.

OTG has continued to spend money on political contributions and lobbying within the state of New York to try and increase their chances of getting a share of the new terminal that will be added to LaGuardia airport. The S1 filing by OTG shows that the company is interested in receiving a gaming concession for the airport.

In the filing, OTG stated they are currently working a variety of games including casino style options, social gaming, electronic lottery and games of skill. The gaming programs will be exclusive offerings and will allow OTG to provide sweepstakes and games of skill, awarding prizes to customers who take part including beverages, food, miles awards, flight upgrades and more. OTG believes that additional revenues can be gained in the future by the increased sales of services and products that coincide with in-application purchases, game play and advertising in the applications.

$90,000 was spent last year by OTG to lobby the legislative and executive branches of the New York State government, with lobbying taking place in categories such as airport hospitality, racing and gaing as well as liquor regulation.

The filing by OTG continues by stating that as the company would offer gaming content, they would also be subject to the state and local regulatory regimes in regards to gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes and games of skill.