Immigration officials in the Philippines arrested more than 1,000 individuals on Friday, all of which were undocumented Chinese nationals, after a raid took place in Clark, Pampanga at a recreational facility. Just over 1,200 individuals were arrested according to a spokesperson for the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. Reportedly, this was the largest bust in the history of the island as far as undocumented foreign workers are concerned.

During the Bureau of Immigration’s initial report, Commissioner Jaime Morente provided information that showed the bust took place at two in the morning on Friday at the Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino. The individuals were caught working as agents or operators for a call center without the necessary permits in place to be working. It is unclear if they were actually working for Fontana or just using one of the facilities as a workplace.

According to local media reports, the individuals were taken into custody after being unable to present any immigration documentation and required work permits. The individuals were working in a cyberzone as well as residential area that is considered to be one where illegal online gambling takes place.

The individuals will be detained on a temporary basis at the Fontana Food Center in Pampanga. Those taken into custody will be booked and have their mugshot taken. The Special Action Force will be securing the subjects.