The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) have released their September report for gross casino revenue across all Pennsylvania casinos. According to the numbers, this September brought a %4.3 increase in table game revenue over last year.

The figures were collected from all 12 casinos in the state, which have been under the PGCB’s oversight since the board was established in 2004. All casinos combined contribute over $1.4 billion in annual tax money that is later distributed over various projects and tax reliefs for PA citizens.

According to the report, the gross table revenue amounted to $68, 787,147 in September 2016, or $2.8 million more than last year when it reached $65, 916,872. During this month, the average number of tables in daily operation across the state was 1,217, while the total table game tax revenue reached $11.1 million, pre-adjustment.

The highest contributor was Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, which accounted for $19.4 million of the gross table revenue for September 2016, or 3.46% more than last year, while the second highest earner was Parx Casino, who made $14 million in table game revenue or 19.98% more than last year. The largest growth was achieved by a bottom earner, the Presque Isle Downs and Casino, which had an impressive 53.69% growth in table revenue when compared to last year.

But while table game revenue notes a 4.3% growth, the overall casino revenue from table and slot game combined has grown only 2.93% in September 2016, as opposed to last year. According to the figures, the total gross gaming revenue amounts to $260,937,476, with Parx Casino as the highest contributor of $46 million in total GGY. As the number show, Sands Casino had lost the lead it took in July, when it was the highest earner with $48.8 million in total GGY.