Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) granted approval to two Pennsylvania casinos for the gaming floor modification. The regulator reportedly allowed Hollywood Casino Morgantown to reduce the number of slot machines in its gaming area and approved Lady Luck Nemacolin’s requirement to modify its gaming floor by adding several slot machines and returning the rented ones to the Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI) company.

Hollywood Casino Morgantown Removing 30 Slot Machines:

According to Play Pennsylvania, the casino’s gaming floor included 147 slot machines. In the presentation rendered to the PGCB by Marc Gaustella, general manager of Hollywood Casino Morgantown, and the company’s legal representative, Michael Fabius, the company indicated that the removal of 30 slot machines is due to their occupancy rate being around three times lower than the other machines. Also, they reportedly noted that these gaming porch machines brought 75% less revenues than other gambling units.

Removal Increased Revenue:

After these 30 gaming terminals have been removed, Hollywood Casino Morgantown will adjust the respective count to a total of 117 slot machines. As reported, the previous reductions – 17 in January 2022 and 14 in December 2022 – increased the slot tax revenue by $400,000 and, respectively, $1 million by end March 2023. For this reason, the company’s GM is reportedly not concerned about the impact of the gaming floor reduction.

Gaustella reportedly told the PGCB: “Our taxable revenue continues to grow as our business continues to grow year over year. It’s a very encouraging sign and we’re very excited for the future.”  As reported by Play Pennsylvania, the casino will remove 30 gaming machines to arrive at the count of 697 slot machines overall after the reduction. The removal is expected to be done ”swiftly,” as legal representative Fabius reportedly told the PGCB. The casino is reportedly exploring non-gaming options to fill the space.

Lady Luck Nemacolin Refreshing Gaming Floor:

Lady Luck and Hollywood Casino approached the PGCB at the same time. After the Hollywood Casino hearing, Fabius, legal representative of both casinos, and Lady Luck Nemacolin general manager John Gibboni, reportedly informed the Gaming Board that the casino is ready to install 81 new slot machines and return 100 rented units to CDI. The modification of the gaming floor is reportedly in line with the company’s operating plans, as well as those for renovations of the property following the June 2023 license renewal.

Adding Non-Gaming Amenities:

Fabius reportedly told the PGCB: “There’s a competing desire to refresh the slot count. Under the prior management, the slot machines were not as refreshed. There was no new slot product put out on the floor as frequently or on a regular basis.” According to the source, the company will take out 19 slots to add a coffee bar and an entertainment area, with an option to later include additional slot machines to diversify its offerings.

Gaming floor modifications approved by the PGCB will seemingly enable these two PA casinos to adjust the slot machine count to their respective designs. As reported, these modifications will not make any kind of staffing changes in any of the two PA casinos.