Just under a month ago, Scott Seiver lost to Phil Hellmuth in the High Stakes Duel III, but the pro isn’t ready to give up the fight. The two have agreed to a rematch that will take place in August with $1.6 million up for grabs. It is unclear exactly when the match will occur, but the date is in the works.

Ready to Duel Again

Phil Hellmuth took to Twitter to talk about the upcoming matchup, stating that Seiver has decided to use his option to play heads up for $800,000 each. The match will only be available for viewing on PokerGo and will be shown from start to finish.

It will certainly be interesting to see the two go head to head once again. Since the matchup, Seiver had been busy playing in the World Series of Poker, earning a bracelet win during Event #3, a $2,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em tournament. He bagged his fourth WSOP gold bracelet and $320,059 with the win.

Hellmuth was set to take part in the WSOP as well but was hit with a stomach issue early on and then tested positive for COVID-19. The two will continue to play in the WSOP poker tournaments and once it is over, they will go head-to-head in the duel matchup.

Revisiting the Previous Matchup

In May, Seiver was selected to replace Tom Dwan in the $800,000 round. Dwan had beat Hellmuth in Round 2 but was unable to compete in the Round 3 rematch. Based on the rules of High Stakes Duel, the losing player needs to contribute money to double the previous round’s prize pool for a rematch to take place. Players do not cash out until three matchups have taken place consecutively or if there is no willing player to challenge the winner.

Seiver had to pay $400,000 to play Hellmuth and now the amount is double. This event will be one of the largest heads-up matches to take place on television in the history of poker. For Round 6 to take place, Hellmuth can choose to pay $1.6 million to call or the seat will then open to a new player.

Hellmuth is certainly a tough competitor to take on when it comes to High Stakes Duel. He is 9-1 with 10 matches under his belt. Each event has been a sit’n go style round. He has played against five different opponents with the series starting in 2020.

We will stay tuned to see when Hellmuth will hit the felt in August and how the match plays out against Seiver, with details on upcoming matches after that if they take place.