The World Poker Tour Heads-Up Championship invitational event has come to an end. With 32 of the best players in the game hitting the felt, it was definitely a tough competition. Players had to compete head-to-head with each other in every round and stay in the game in order to make it to the final two. The final heads-up match included Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius. Both players have a successful career in the game, but there could only be one winner.

It was Ivey, who took the win, dominating the match to get to the first-place finish and score the $400,000 win. This title and prize money just pushed him even further above the pack, as he has successfully earned over $31 million in live event prize money.

The Finals

In the finals round, the two players went head-to-head in a best of five matchups. The winner would need to earn three matches to score the victory. In the first match, Ivey gained an early lead and won the match with pocket nines against A-8 off-suit.

In the second match, Ivey took another lead and, but Antonius would battle back and gain a slight lead. However, he would fail with pocket sevens against K-Q off-suit which led to Ivey winning the hand and gaining the lead back. Ivey eventually won the round after taking out Antonius with pocket jacks.

One More Round to Go

In the third round, Antonius took the lead early, but it was small. It would not be long before Ivey would take the lead again after earning a straight against Antonius’s two pair. Ivey then took a huge lead and while Antonius was trying to battle back, he was never able to earn a large enough chip stack to make any major move in the poker tournament.

In the end, Antonius was all in with his last 13 big blinds. He pushed with Q-J of spades. Ivey held A-10 off-suit and called. The board fell 9-5-3-3-3, giving Ivey the hand and the match win. With a sweep of 3-0, Ivey was the first-place finisher of the Championship event.

Ivey earned $400,000 for the win, while Antonius took home $200,000 for second place. Sam Greenwood and Chris Kruk were semi-finalists in the event, both earning $100,000 in prize money.

For Phil Ivey, he has had a long and successful career at the live poker tables. It was amazing to watch as he took on fellow pro Antonius and basically nailed match after match to claim the title win.