Twenty-seven years after the original Playboy Club closed, the bunny girls are set to come back to London with the new club to be opened by 2010. The original club was shut down in 1981 after a police raid for suspect illegal gambling although no charges were filed. At the time of its closure it was the most profitable club in the world.

The owner of the playboy empire, Hugh Hefner, is said to be looking at two possible locations, including the The Sports Cafe in Haymarket which is said to be carrying a debt of $15 million when it went into administration in January. The new club will offer rouletteblackjack and other games as well as food (Hooters has wings, Playboy has ears? legs?).

Since the original club Playboy has become a truly global phenomenon. A Las Vegas casino takes in around double what other casinos in the area do, and another is set to be opened in Macau, the Asian gaming hot bed. They also offer online gaming for those who may not get to a real Playboy casino, including prizes of a visit to Hefner’s mansion.