A new online casino is reportedly set to launch at ZeroEdge.bet later this month complete with the unique selling point of offering players a 50/50 chance at winning on a wide range of games including poker, slots, blackjack, roulette and keno.

According to a report from CalvinAyre.com, Curacao-licensed ZeroEdge.bet is to premiere promising a 0% house edge in stark contrast to many of its competitors that often maintain a constant 1% to 2% advantage.

“ZeroEdge provides players with a chance to play in an online casino that has 0% house edge,” read a statement from ZeroEdge.net. “This is truly revolutionary as it implies that the house doesn’t have any edge in winning the game. Players can play in games in which they have a fair chance to win with 0% edge to the house.”

As a caveat, CalvinAyre.com reported that the slots at Bitcoin-friendly ZeroEdge.bet, which is to also launch a fee-free sportsbetting service, are to technically carry a 0.01% advantage to the house while other games will require competitors to execute ‘a perfect strategy’ in order to achieve the zero advantage promise.

In addition to going live with its portfolio of games, ZeroEdge.bet is to debut its Ethereum-based ZeroCoin crypto-currency, which it reportedly stated is to be a ‘unique value proposition’ that will ‘attract more and more players’. This token is to purportedly be exclusive to the online casino with its initial supply fixed at 777 million.

“This model is disruptive because players not only won’t lose their money playing in a 0% edge casino but they will also increase their wealth due to the increased price of ZeroCoin tokens,” read the statement from ZeroEdge.bet.