Award-winning software developer, Playtech, has announced they have brought the Age of Gods suite to the Bingo market with the release of the new slot game titled, King of the Underworld. Released on July 10th, the new game is the 2nd bingo style slot to be released in the popular Age of Gods: King of the Underworld series.

A Unique Quest:

The new slot game takes players on a journey to save lost souls and hopefully win big prizes along the way. The developers of the new title added legendary figures of Greek Mythology in the game including Hermes, the Messenger of the Underworld, Queen of the Underworld Persephone and the Hound of Hades, Cerberus.

King of the Underworld was developed by the Playtech Bingo content studio. The game includes various features and ways to win including wilds and scatters, plus two bonus rounds. Start a bonus round and be taken to two unique areas of the game that hopefully produce a jackpot win.

Two Bonus Rounds:

One bonus round of the game is known as the Gates of Hell. Here you will be asked to choose a door in the underworld. If you choose correctly, you save a lost soul. If you choose the wrong door, Cerberus appears and the bonus round ends.

The second bonus round available is titled the Thread of Fate. In this round, players will meet the Fate Sister goddesses and watch as magic appears on the reels.

In a press release…

Playtech Managing Director of Digital Bingo, Angus Nisbet, commented: “Age of the Gods is one of the biggest success stories in original iGaming content of recent years, so we’re delighted to bring the brand to Bingo. Our in-house team has done a sterling job in creating a game that captures the look and feel of the Age of the Gods series, whilst still offering a distinct appeal in its own right. We’re very proud of the finished product, and I’m confident players will love King of the Underworld too.”

The release of King of the Underworld follows the launch of Age of Gods: Lord of Lightning and continues with the cross-vertical expansion of the popular series, as the games are now on offer via the Live Casino and Poker gaming along with the original casino slots series.