On Monday, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino reported that a point-of-sale breach had taken place, with malware having been found within the systems of the resort. The Las Vegas casino began an investigation into the matter after reports were received in regards to fraudulent activity with cards used on the premises.

The California Attorney General was sent a Notice of Data Breach, according to SCMagazine, which stated that on the 13th of May, an investigation revealed signs that pointed towards an unauthorized access to the payment card environment of the resort. Individuals who used their payment cards at the casino or at specific restaurants or retail areas from the 27th of October 2015 to the 21st of March 2016 may have been affected by the POS breach.

According to the information accrued by Hard Rock’s investigation, the names of cardholders, the numbers on the cards as well as expiration dates and internal verification codes may have been compromised. However, in some cases, the name of the cardholder was not able to be captured during the breach.

Once the issue was recognized, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino alerted law enforcement and began working with payment card networks to have the affected accounts monitored. Cybersecurity is also being reviewed and the resort is working with a firm to be able to strengthen their systems.

In 2015, the resort was subject to a similar issue when a POS server was attacked with malware but the problem was contained due to the casino taking precautionary measures.