Online sports betting provider PointsBet has signed a new partnership deal with NBC Sports Chicago and NBC Sports Philadelphia to provide a new experience to fans. BetCast is a new live game sports-betting experience that will air March 7, during the Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers NBA game. The airing marks the first time that the NBC Sports Regional Networks has launched a dual-market telecast. The airtime is 7 pm ET/6 pm CT on NBC Sports Chicago Plus and NBC Sports Philadelphia Plus.

What is BetCast?

BetCast will provide live odds data from PointsBet on the television screen during the NBA game. Sports fans will be able to view moving moneylines, spread, and over/under bet odds. Futures and player props are also included. The data will appear in real-time and offer fans the opportunity to place sports bets while watching the game.

Special announcers are included in BetCast to provide insight on the game as well as sports betting. Head Oddsmakers at PointsBet, Jay Croucher, will be taking part in the show along with NBC Sports EDGE host Sara Perlman, 76ers analyst Jim Lynam, and Bulls analyst Kendall Gill.

Fans can catch traditional coverage of the Bulls/76ers game by watching it on NBC Sports Chicago and NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Additional Features of BetCast

Along with the betting odds, BetCast will also include a new app created by PoinstBet. NBC Sports Predicator will provide a Pick’n Roll contest during the game that guarantees $50,000 in prize money. This is yet another way that sports fans can immerse themselves into the gaming action and have a chance to win prizes as well.

Before the game starts, a special podcast titled Bet the EDGE GameTime will air. Drew Dinsick and Matt Bernier will host the show and offer insight into the action before the game takes place. The podcast will air from 6-7 pm eastern time in Philadelphia and 5-6 pm central time in Chicago.

Fans can follow all the BetCast info on social media by following PointsBetUSA, NBCSPhilly, and NBCSChicago on Twitter. For betting options, players can use the PointsBet Live Same Game Parlay options, with the ability to track odds, the performance of players, and stats of each team in real-time via the provider.

If successful, it is expected that PointsBet will continue to offer its BetCast solution during more NBA games. The integration of live odds during the professional basketball games keeps fans interested in the action as well as taking part in sports betting services of the brand.