Canadian online gambling operator The Stars Group has announced that its Stars Interactive subsidiary is seeking to hire a number of new personnel to help its PokerStars brand create a ‘fully-flexible artificial intelligence agent’.

The Toronto-headquartered firm declared that it wants to employ ‘poker artificial intelligence research engineers’ along with ‘graduate poker artificial intelligence research engineers’ at its offices in London and Dublin to assist PokerStars in developing programs that ‘will learn how to play’ poker along with other games.

“As part of the poker innovation team you’ll get to work on a number of high-end products we wish to bring to market and how artificial intelligence interacts with this to help us learn from and analyze strategies developed through self-play,” read a statement from The Stars Group.

The operator explained that candidates should have a background in game theory research, among other qualifications and that successful applicants will aid in the support and conception of such technologies for poker by ‘implementing and evaluating algorithms’ along with ‘providing software design and programming’.

The Stars Group detailed that contenders will moreover be required to have at least a Master’s degree in computer science as well as knowledge of computational game theory before being turned loose to help PokerStars create a ‘suite of game theory optimal analysis tools’ along with ‘artificial intelligence-based poker product innovations’.

Although the operator did not publicize remuneration details for the new artificial intelligence posts, it did state that it would ‘offer an excellent salary and benefits package’ based on experience encompassing a ‘discretionary annual performance bonus’ along with health and dental insurance and a ‘generous company contribution into a private pension scheme each month’.