North American lottery products innovator, Pollard Banknote Limited, has congratulated the Minnesota State Lottery after the state-run lottery service notched up record annual sales for 2018 of $596.5 million.

Enduring partnership:

According to an official Tuesday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events, Winnipeg-headquartered Pollard Banknote Limited explained that it has been supplying the Minnesota State Lottery with a range of scratchcard products as well as marketing and design services since 2007.

Scratchcard success:

Pollard Banknote Limited stated that the recent success of the Minnesota State Lottery was due to ‘various successful instant products and strategies’ that had resulted in annual sales of scratchcards in ‘The North Star State’ hitting an all-time high of $411.2 million. It detailed that these had included the delivery of a pair of oversized scratchcard tickets alongside multi-scene games, ‘creative prize structures’ and popular titles such as its branded Ultimate Getaway and Frogger innovations.

Oversized originality:

Byron Peterson, Sales and Marketing Director for Pollard Banknote Limited, proclaimed that his firm is now a ‘leader’ in the supply of oversized scratchcard products and had last year added the large format Xtreme Cash and Super Bonus Crossword titles to the Minnesota State Lottery’s existing portfolio of five super-sized instant games.

Peterson’s statement read…

“Pollard Banknote [Limited] extends our warmest congratulations to the Minnesota State Lottery on achieving a record-breaking sales year. This significant accomplishment is well deserved and reflects the Minnesota State Lottery’s hard work, dedication and commitment to creating unique and engaging player experiences for Minnesotans.”

PlayBook Mini debut:

Peterson declared that last year has additionally seen his firm supply the Minnesota State Lottery with its Minnesota Treasures title, which represented the first time a lottery in the United States had utilized a game from its PlayBook Mini range. He announced that this innovation incorporates ‘multiple games with various play styles in one entertaining booklet’ and its introduction had immediately led to Minnesota sales in the $10 category increasing by some 39%.

Peterson’s statement read…

“As a partner to the Minnesota State Lottery for more than a decade, Pollard Banknote [Limited] is extremely proud of the lottery’s success and we look forward to helping it achieve continued sales growth in support of good causes in the coming years.”

Aiding good causes:

For his part, Robert Doty, Executive Director for the Minnesota State Lottery, stated that his service has been supporting good causes in the Midwestern state since 1989 and last year handed out some $145 million to programs designed to benefit the local population. He moreover explained that 2018’s success had led to the Minnesota General Fund receiving approximately $77 million while around $66 million had been bequeathed to various environmental programs.

Doty’s statement read…

“We are very excited to have reached record-breaking sales in fiscal year 2018. In addition to offering high quality and innovative instant scratch tickets, Pollard Banknote [Limited] supports the lottery with guidance and expertise in research and marketing with the ultimate goal of increasing revenues for good causes in the state of Minnesota.”