Doodle Jump is a popular mobile game that has been downloaded over 250 million times. The game is so popular among players that it is not surprising to find that a gambling version is on the mind of Gamblit Gaming. In a partnership with game publisher Lima Sky, Gamblit Gaming plans on launching a real-money wagering version of Doodle Jump early next year via their TriStation platform.

Gamblit Gaming has been working for some time now on new gaming options to appeal to the modern generation of gamblers. In the past, visitors to casinos would settle for standard casino games like blackjack and roulette. Now, the millennial generation are seeking something more along the lines of video gaming, hence more skill games or popular games like Doodle Jump are being reinterpreted to reflect the new generation of player’s tastes.

In 2009, Doodle jump debuted and was available on several platforms including Arcades, Xbox 360, Android, iOS and Nintendo DS. When the game goes live next year via Gamblit, it is sure to be a hit as it has already been enjoyed by millions of people in the past via many formats. Players will instantly recognize the game on the casino floor and certainly give it a try. Based in California, Gamblit has already launched arcade-style games in Las Vegas and have seen great success with titles such as Cannonbeard’s Treasure and Gamblit Poker.

Gamblit’s focus is to make gambling more interesting by taking games of skill and creating real-money wagering opportunities within game play. To convert a title into a gambling game, Gamblit provides the technology, expertise in gambling, operations, security, regulations, gambling licenses, etc.

Lima Sky Chief Operating Officer Matt Turetzky commented on the new partnership with Gamblit Gaming, stating that the company is beyond excited to join forces with the Gamblit team to gamblify Doodle Jump. Turetzky stated that by providing a real-money wagering element, there will be another level of excitement and engagement on offer within Doodle Jump while still remaining true to the core elements of the game.

Gamblit already has launched their Model G interactive game tables live in Las Vegas and this is the first time a multiplayer skill gaming option has been seen on the casino floor. The new TriStation platform, which will offer single player game play, will launch sometime this summer. Games such as Road Redemption and PikPok’s Into the Dead are currently being converted by Gamblit for real-money wagering.

Players will find that such locations as MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino as well as the Venetian Las Vegas offer Gamblit hardware and games.