Factory pre-shuffled playing cards are a clearly growing trend in the Asian gaming market. While there are a few reasons for this, the main ones are efficiency and reliability for operators.

Pre-shuffled cards reduce the amount of time and labor spent on getting the game going. It also allows staff to focus on revenue generating activities like playing and taking bets instead of something on the border of administrative like shuffling. Its also helps minimize errors and ways to cheat the operator as the packs are easy to open.

One brand, “Bee”™ Factory Pre-shuffled cards, have been used for about a year with great response. The “Bee”™ system is ‘Certified Random’ by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and is the only system to be so and ensures each carton is as random as possible.

Furthermore it also includes the verification of the accuracy of every card size, the cut of each and every card, and the completeness of the deck. This means no marked cards, random cards or other manufacturing defects can allow people to use them to cheat the operator.

With such secure features to ensure a random and fair deck it is easy to see how they have become extremely popular on gaming floors.