Local gaming operators of Puerto Rico are not happy with the recent decision by the Department of Treasury to move forward with adding video lotteries on the island. Operators believe the gaming machines would put as many as 5,000 jobs at risk, yet the Treasury wants to move forward with VLTs in the hopes of bringing in as much as $100m each year in government revenues.

The Treasury believes the video lottery terminals would be beneficial due to revenues as well as give players a guarantee when it comes to payment of prizes and a proportion set aside specifically for that purpose.

In response to the statement by the Treasury, Pablo Rivera Corraliza, the President of the Recreation Commercial Company, stated that it is no secret the government has been working on a project to submit legislation for a video lottery terminal system to be added in Puerto Rico. The system would be operated by foreign companies and the government has already committed to three such companies to implement the gaming terminals.

Corraliza has stated the issue is worsened due to the fact that the government has already committed to the foreign companies before the legislation has been approved. Corraliza stated that the proponents of VLTs are trying to circumvent legislature and implement the gaming option with an administrative order by the Department of Finance which would be a mockery of the constitutional system.