A job fair was held at The Chelsea in Atlantic City yesterday. The boutique hotel (which has been mentioned as a contender for a new form of casino license being discussed) was offering up to 100 jobs, most of them lasting only a few months.

About 8,000 casino workers have been displaced with the closure of four casinos in the former gambling hub – and many would be thrilled to land a full time position, or settle for seasonal work if that were there only choice.

According to reports – the chairman of the Casino Control Commission, Matt Levinson, did an unofficial survey this week making calls to the general managers of eight Atlantic City casinos to guage the employment outlook in the local industry. He says he was surprised to learn that there are currently 1,400 jobs open, with 350 of them being year round positions.

This is the time of year that the resort community hires seasonal workers for the summer including food and beverage servers and hotel service workers, as well as a few casino dealer and host positions. Any of these jobs has the potential to turn into full time work according to Levinson.

Although there is currently no central registry for casino jobs in Atlantic City, the city is reportedly working on one.