Having been the chip leader in all three days of game play, it is not surprising that Qui Nguyen has earned the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion title. Nguyen was able to have a considerable lead when the final nine arrived at the felt and maintained the lead over the new two days to claim the first place win and just over $8 million in prize money.

The event started out with 6,737 players competing at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino back in the summer months. Once the final nine were named, the event would stop until the 30th of October when the players came back to see who would claim the title of champion. After Day 1, five players had been eliminated, leaving four left to duke it out for first. On the final day, only three remained, with Nguyen holding a solid chip lead throughout the event.

On Day 3, it would not take long for Cliff Josephy to be eliminated in 3rd place. Josephy would earn more than $3 million for his efforts and this would leave Nguyen and Gordon Vayo to battle it out for first place. It would take some time for the two to see the final hand go down. Nguyen would slowly gain the chip lead and by the time he had over 70% of the remaining chips, the final hand would take place.

Vayo would go all in with 53,000,000 in chips and Nguyen would call. Nguyen was able to draw a pair of kings and this was enough to give the poker pro the title and Vayo the exit in second place. With the win, Nguyen would earn his first WSOP championship and an amazing payday.

Final Results:

First                       Qui Nguyen                      $8,005,310

Second                  Gordon Vayo                     $4,661,228

Third                     Cliff Josephy                      $3,453,035

Fourth                   Michael Ruane                  $2,576,003

Fifth                       Vojtech Ruzicka                $1,935,388

Sixth                      Kenny Hallaert                  $1,464,258

Seventh                 Griffin Benger                   $1,250,190

Eighth                   Jerry Wong                         $1,100,076

Ninth                     Fernando Pons                 $1,000,000