On Tuesday, August 14, 2019 Rafael Deversof the Boston Red Sox became the first player to put together a six hit and four double game at the plate in the modern era of Major League Baseball. In other words, in took well over 100 years of professional baseball for this type of extremely rare accomplishment to occur.

The third baseman of the Red Sox with a big bat began this historic night by hitting a double to the opposite field against the Cleveland Indian’s starting pitcher, Mike Clevinger. Devers’ second plate appearance resulted in a single in the 3rdinning of the ball game. He hustled his way into a double once again in the fifth inning followed up with a line drive double off of the left field wall during the sixth inning of the game.

In the eighth inning of this close battle between the Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians, Devers managed to hit a single that didn’t leave the infield. Finally, in the tenth inning he completed his masterpiece by lining a double through the teeth of the Indian’s defense. His four double and two single game totaled up to an incredibly impressive and rare six hit MLB game.

Devers is just the third-youngest MLB player to record a 6 for 6 at the plate performance in the modern era of professional baseball. The two younger players to achieve this feat ahead of him are Jesus Alou (1964) and Joe Morgan (1965). He joins the likes of only Ty Cobb, Jimmie Foxx (Boston Red Sox Legend), Kirby Puckett, and Ian Kinsler who have all recorded an American League game with 6 hits, 4 extra base hits, and 3 runs batted in. Currently, he leads the American League this season in batting average as he is hitting .328 and doubles with 43.

Career Regular Season Statistics:

2017 BOS 58 240 222 34 63 14 0 10 30 3 18 57 .284 .338 .482 .819 112 107 5 0
2018 BOS 121 490 450 59 108 24 0 21 66 5 38 121 .240 .298 .433 .731 93 195 9 0
2019 BOS 527 486 97 158 43 3 24 93 8 36 86 .325 .373 .574 .947 139 279 5 2

Media Statements:

I had no idea obviously,” Devers explained after the game in Spanish. “I was just trying to go out there and have a good at-bat. That’s really all I was thinking about. I just wanted at every turn to try to get on base and try to do that for the team.”

“What was even more impressive is that every single ball was a stud missile that he hit,” Red Sox center fielder, Jackie Bradley Jr., stated. “He hit everything hard. There were no cheap hits.”

“He’s not only one of the best players on our team, but one of the best players in the league,” says his teammate and starting pitcher Chris Sale. “He’s got a chance to be the MVP. That in itself is pretty special.”