Real Dealer Studios which has been well – known for their production of various popular online casino games that flawlessly combine recorded video with the cutting – edge RNG gameplay that is widely loved, has partnered up with Delasport, a major platform and content provider, in order to ramp up production.

The new agreement means that online gaming operators that are powered by Delasport’s industry leading iGaming software will now gain access to Real Dealer Studios entire suite of ground – breaking as well as original games. That suite of games contains the online gaming provider’s crown jewels such as the Real Roulette series, Real Baccarat, the Fortune Finder money – wheel series, and the studio’s most recent successful offering in Multi – fire Auto Roulette which happens to feature random multipliers.

Real Dealer Studios’ multitude of gaming options were originally devised as a substitute to a live casino, and they are fashioned from extremely high – quality previously recorded video excerpts of the dealers and the overall game play that people frequent casinos for. That is then integrated into the RNG game engine in order to deliver a charming and faultless player experience across all the devices in which gamblers constantly use at home as well as on the go these days.

This innovative and fresh approach utilizes professional actors, directors of film, and post – production staff to guarantee that used game recording footage is at Hollywood blockbuster movie quality which results in as well as ensures a seemless performance from the first game round to the last round of the game. This is priceless for them and it enables an up – and – coming iGaming company such as theirs to capitalize on large piece of the industry’s market share.

Every game experience occurs in a private luxury backdrop in order to deliver the consumer with the feeling they would get from a one – on – one interaction with a live casino dealer, which is in glaring contrast to the often noisy and disconnected experience provided by the conventional studio – based live dealer gaming experience.

Delasport offers iGaming operators with a turnkey online sportsbook as well as online casino products and services. The organization’s main goal is to allow online gaming providers of all sizes to create and maintain a prosperous brand, and it then allows them to initiate fast growth by leveraging their innovative proprietary technologies.

Media Statements

 The Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, Shane Cotter, mentioned, “Delasport is an established and respected platform and content provider used by some of the largest gambling brands in the world to power their sites. Adding our content to its portfolio is therefore a milestone moment.

 This deal significantly increases the distribution of our innovative and unique content and will allow Delasport’s partners to deliver a truly authentic and engaging online casino experience to their players.”

“Real Dealer’s games really do provide a unique player experience and make for a great addition to our quality content portfolio. By offering games like these, we can stand out as a market – leading platform and content provider,” says theHead of Casino at Delasport, Piero Q P Carlucci.