Real Dealer Studios, a game developer popular for its Hollywood-style productions, have launched the Vinnie Jones Card Chase title. The developer’s first hi-lo product featuring the legendary actor and football player is the latest of a series of the studios’ innovative Cinematic RNG casino games.

Hollywood-Style Technology:

Cinematic RNG is a state-of-the-art process developed by Real Dealer to have a high quality video integrated with the game play to provide a thrilling player experience. As reported, popular Big Chris from the iconic Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels movie is still looking tough but kind enough to welcome players and lead them through the game play in his calm and sustained fashion combined with supportive reactions for each individual player’s results.

RNG process is reportedly highly similar to the movie-making process in a Hollywood studio busy with actors, directors, producers, and staff involved in the production of the game play video. The result of the Cinematic RNG approach is a realistic representation of the game that represents a giant step forward from the computer-generated graphics used for the same purpose before the latest development.

200x Winning Potential:

This feature makes the Vinnie Jones Card Chase a realistic gaming experience likely to become a player-favorite gaming destination. But its outstanding features – with bonus round revolving every 15 rounds and a guaranteed multiplier pumping the player’s winnings up to 200x – are more than likely to make the players come back for more. The collectable Skip function reportedly allowing players to skip the cards they don’t like will make the most reluctant to meet Vinnie Jones, lock the stock and start the card chase that may result in some smoking wins.

Movie Star Boosts the Game Potential:

Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, reportedly said: “Card Chase was already going to be a hit thanks to its fast pace and exciting multiplier rounds but having Vinnie host it really launches the potential into orbit. His bombastic personality adds so much flavor to the experience and opens doors to attracting not only his die-hard fans, but operators’ sports betting customers at large.”

Vinnie Jones Card Chase is the latest collaboration between the famous actor and the Real Dealer Studios. It follows a series of three titles featuring the actor and football player dressed in an elegant black silk suit to act as dealer in Vinnie Jones Roulette, as well as Vinnie Jones Blackjack and Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette. The series released in autumn of 2022 is now updated by the Vinnie Jones Card Chase release exclusively available from the prominent Games Global operator.