The National Lottery has created millionaires on a regular basis for many years but it seems 2016 was a record year. According to information released by Camelot, a lottery operator in the United Kingdom, the National Lottery was able to produce 347 millionaires for the year which is almost one millionaire a day! The year was a record one for the National Lottery having set a record of 341 millionaires in 2015.

The million dollar winners earned checks for £1 million or more during the year with a total of £862m or $1.06 billion won. It is interesting to note that despite changes that were controversial to the Lotto, the record number of wins still took place. The Lotto changed the number of balls involved in the game to 59 from 49 and the change of winning a jackpot had decreased to one in 45 million from one in 14 million.

Andy Carter, the Senior winners’ advisor, stated that the last year has been a record-breaking 12 months with more millionaires celebrating with giant checks than ever before. The National Lottery has changed lives and not just the winners but also the projects that receive support. Carter thanked everyone who purchased a ticket or scratchcard for the year as they helped to win Olympic medals and support the local communities.

The largest jackpot of the year of the National Lottery was a EuroMillions won by David and Carol Martin along with an anonymous winner. The prize was worth £66 million or $81.1 million. It was won back at the start of the year on January 9. A EuroMillions jackpot of £61 million was earned by the Davies family located in Monmouth, which is equal to just over $74 million. This jackpot was won back in July.

According to the information provided by Camelot, the EuroMillions increased per line by 50% to £2.50 after changes were made and the new Lucky Star number was introduced. This lowered the chance of winning the big jackpot to one in 140 million from one in 117 million.

The luckiest profession for lottery wins went to cabbies and lorry drivers this year with manufacturing and sales workers were in the third position together with teachers following. September was the big month for winners, with 53 players becoming millionaires during the month.