Appearing out of the fog and darkness is a spooky new online slot title from Redrake Gaming. The recently released Jack O’Lantern vs the Headless Horseman slot game is sure to thrill every gambler, providing a haunting experience on a 5×3 grid. The game has 30 paylines and features high-quality animations and thematic sounds.

From the very first spin, players will get to know each character, with several features providing an explosive gaming experience. The reels will shake during gameplay, which allows the Headless Horseman to expand over the reels. The Jack O’Lantern symbols will catch fire, randomly burning other symbols on the reels. This transforms those random symbols into Jack O’Lanterns as well.

Jack and the Headless Horseman will also fight on the reels within the mini-game titled Fight of the Shadows. During this mini-game, enjoy the possibility of winning 10, 20 or 30 extra spins! The new game is live now and has quickly become a popular Redrake Gaming title thanks to the special features on offer and quality animations.