When players visit a casino, they usually have a few drinks, spin a few reels and maybe hit a table game or two. At the end of the night, hopefully, the time spent at the venue results in a little cash to take home. However, in New York City, players who visit the Resorts World Casino tend to do something different. According to police sources, those who lose out at the slot machines, end up bashing the games out of frustration.

Smashing and Breaking:

Players who lose when playing the slots found on the gaming floor of the casino, have been known to smash the machines, breaking the slots at the casino. This has reportedly happened more than a time or two. According to police sources who spoke with the post, the gamblers were mostly drunk and venting their frustrations out on the machines.

According to The Post…

From the time the venue opened in October of 2011 until the end of this past August, the casino has seen 491 criminal mischief arrests onsite. The majority of these arrests were due to gamblers beating the slot machines senseless.

At the casino, there are over 6,000 slot machines on offer and they are reportedly fragile and easy to break. According to police, sometimes, the patrons will punch the machines really hard or they will just tap it. Police have stated that sometimes the patron cannot believe they actually broke the machines when they act out in frustration.

Contacting Police:

The officials of the casino do not contact police until the beating of the machines goes a little too far. When the authorities are called, the casino can then ask the patron to pay to fix the slot machine or go to jail for criminal mischief. The cost to repair the machines can range from $600 to $1,400.