The new proprietor of the now defunct Revel casino of Atlantic City has yet another hurdle to face after acquiring the property. The Polo North Country Club of Glenn Straub cannot take on the casino license of the Revel in a court hearing for bankruptcy based on the ruling by the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey. The DGE filed on Monday that Straub will have to be given approval for a license to be able to operate the property as a casino and cannot just assume the previous license.

In the motion, the DGE  states that Straub is not authorized to be in possession of any equipment used for gaming.  This would include games like the slots that are located inside the Revel. The state made the filing in objection after a motion was made during bankruptcy court to allow Polo North to take on specific contracts pertaining to the Revel property, which included the casino’s license.

In the filing the DGE wrote: “No transfer or assignment of any of the licenses, authorizations, approvals and certificates sought to be assumed and assigned by the Debtors’ motion can be ordered by this court.”

Any owner of a casino in the state of New Jersey must apply of a license with the Casino Control Commission of the state. This group is the deciding factor as to if the license will be granted, after a background check is completed. A spokeswoman for the gaming enforcement stated that Straub has filed some paperwork to gain a license and the process is not complete.