If you have been wondering why TEN Atlantic City has not opened yet, you’re not alone. While we patiently await its doors to open, another delay has been announced.

TEN AC, formerly the Revel was supposed to open several times already. The first opening was set to take place in June of 2016. Leading up to the opening date, it was pushed back to February of this year. Now another delay has set an opening date almost exactly a year from its original date.

The owner of TEN AC, Glenn Straub recently told The Press of Atlantic City that the casino “may” open on June 15th of 2017.

The former Revel casino was re-branded mid-way through the process of opening to TEN Atlantic City. Original costs of the casino were estimated at $2 billion to build. It’s a safe bet TEN will open at some point, but when that time comes is anyone’s guess.

TEN still needs two things to happen before it can officially open. First is the approval from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. As of now, the responsibility lies on Straub since TEN meets the requirements of the CRDA.

A casino license is also needed to operate the casino portion of TEN; which at this point doesn’t look like it’s going to happen unless one side or the other gives. Straub wants a third party to run the casino; however, state officials say Straub himself needs a license; which he has shown no interest in obtaining.

TEN can still open without the casino portion operational.

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