While the state of Illinois has suffered a decline in casino revenues, the Hollywood Casino Joliet remains one establishment that continues to make money when compared to last year. The Hollywood Casino was able to bring in $115.9 million from January to November in adjusted gross receipts which is more than the $112.2 million earned during the same time frame last year.

The Illinois Gaming Board released the figures earlier this month, which put the Joliet venue as a top earner for Illinois. For the month of November, the casino was able to earn $9.5 million which is $.5 million more than the same month last year.

Harrah’s Casino of Joliet has not been so lucky in the area of revenues, earning $181.5 million last year from January to November and only $170.8 million during the same time frame. For November, Harrah’s saw a slight drop from $16.5 million for November 2014 to earning $15.7 million this year in November.

The ten casinos of the state were able to bring in a total of $6.5 million in state revenues with the Des Plaines Rivers Casino earning the most at $32.9 million. The video gaming industry did quite well, earning $19.7 million in November, a full one million dollars more than November 2014 earnings. Video gaming machines are offered in additional venues, not just casinos, with 70 establishments providing more than 260 gaming terminals for game play. This, in addition to thousands of machines in so-called ‘casino cafes‘.