Prominent European lottery operator Sazka Group has announced that it has become the first to put its hat into the ring in hopes of securing the upcoming ten-year license for the right to run the National Lottery in the United Kingdom.

The Prague-headquartered firm used an official Saturday press release (pdf) to declare that it is already responsible for lotteries in Greece, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic and has now entered the first stage of the race for the lucrative United Kingdom license after ‘completing its response to the Gambling Commission’s Selection Questionnaire.’

Extended endeavor:

The move from Sazka Group comes after the Gambling Commission began the process in late-August that is to select the firm to replace Watford-headquartered Camelot Group in running the world’s fifth biggest lottery from the summer of 2023. The regulator earlier detailed that it is hoping its new partner will be able to help it add to the over £41 billion ($54.8 billion) the popular enterprise has raised for in excess of 560,000 good causes since premiering in 1994.

Recognized respect:

Robert Chvatal serves as Chief Executive Officer Sazka Group and he used the press release to describe his firm as ‘a leader in operating lotteries across Europe’ that has always been public about its desire to run the National Lottery. The executive furthermore declared that the British game is ‘a national treasure with a proud 26-year history’ that is now looking towards the future in a world being ‘disrupted by digital transformation, the fourth industrial revolution and coronavirus.’

Read a statement from Chvatal…

The landscape from when the National Lottery launched back in 1994 has changed beyond measure. Sazka Group has a track record of facilitating the evolution of established lotteries to innovate for their successful futures. We are serious about our intentions and respectful of the process into which we are entering. We submitted our completed application to the Gambling Commission by yesterday’s deadline. This was an important and exciting moment for us, marking our official entry into the competition. We trust that our submission will demonstrate our professional track record and technical capabilities.”

Added affiliations:

Chvatal stated that his firm is currently engaged in hiring a team to be stationed in the United Kingdom while ‘building the partnerships and relationships’ that are certain to be necessary ‘to deliver in due course a compelling case’. He finished by proclaiming that any such alliances will be ‘based on a clear understanding of the needs and desires of all stakeholders and customers’ that may be touched by the National Lottery.