Scientific Games, a partner of the Pennsylvania Lottery, has sent their congratulations after the 2017-18 fiscal year reports were revealed. The state lottery was able to enjoy record sales during the last fiscal year of $4.2 billion, pushed by a record in Scratch-Off games sales of $2.8 billion. The Lottery was also supported by an investment in innovative technology and new products.

Record Setting Year:

For the 2017-18 fiscal year, the Lottery was able to provide a record-setting number of wins to players. A total of $2.7 billion was awarded in prize money, which created $224.1 million in sales commissions. This was an increase of more than $12 million from the last fiscal year.

The latest fiscal year in Pennsylvania also marked the 7th year running that the Lottery was able to generate over $1 billion in profits for the senior citizen programs for the state. The instant Scratch-Off game revenue was able to account for the majority of the sales, at 67%. The games brought in $2.8 billion in sales, which is 3.6% more than the last fiscal year.

New Gaming Options:

Fast Play games are new and extremely popular with players, earning over $114.4 million during its first full fiscal year of sales. Keno was just added back in May, and already has seen over $7.6 million in earnings.

Online interactive games were launched via the iLottery this year, starting on May 22nd. Having only been in operation for a few short weeks, the game selection online was able to generate just over $20 million.

In a press release…

Scientific Games Senior Vice President of Global Lottery Systems, Pat McHugh, commented: “Scientific Games has a long history of investing in innovative games, technology and services that maximize Lottery funds to benefit older Pennsylvanians. We are proud that our partnership with the Pennsylvania Lottery has resulted in one of the highest performing lotteries in the world.”