Scientific Games Corporation is the leading developer of technology-based products as well as services for the worldwide gaming industry, along with lottery and interactive markets. The company recently announced they have now launched a new video slot game themed after the popular television series, The Simpsons. The new game known as THE SIMPSONS is a wide area progressive slot game that features the hilarious characters of the record-breaking animated television show with the same name. The immersive Gamescape cabinet is used to showcase the new slot game.

Within THE SIMPSONS game, players will find six bonus games that are centered on the most popular characters of the television series. Included in the bonus rounds are:

  • Donut Wheel Bonus
  • Apu’s Scrat-Cha-Pa-Looza
  • Moe’s Pranks A Lot
  • Wiggum-A-Role
  • Krusty It’s Clobbering Time
  • Homer’s Monorail Madness

A base game is used within THE SIMPSONS with multiple features to provide quality game play including a mystery symbol, symbol cloning, and character respin. Players can place an additional wager to increase their chance of winning the bonus feature prizes during game play.

The unique Gamescape cabinet used to house the new slot game was designed specifically to pull players into the gaming experience. Three HD displays are used with a 40 inch top screen along with a 10.4-inch table with multi-touch button panel for maximum immersion. All features are used to create an integrated player experience.

With the extra wide display screen, players can truly enjoy the bonus features including using the motion sensor technology to physically interact during game play. Executive Vice President and Group Chief Executive of Gaming for Scientific Games, Derik Mooberry, commented on the new game by stating that the company could not be more excited to launch THE SIMPSONS. The game is packed with entertaining features and bonuses with the impressive Gamescape cabinet immersing the player into the world Homer Simpson with screens that wrap around and feature all the action. Mooberry stated that fans of the show, as well as general slot enthusiasts, are sure to love the game.

The new game is connected to a wide-area progressive link with a start/reset value of $200,000 or the game can be offered as a standalone option in non-WAP areas, offered across North America.