Earlier this week, a lady by the name of Mrs. Fox received a phone call from a Lottoland team member to confirm a recent scratch card win. Mrs. Fox had thought she won a £1,000 prize from the card, but soon found out she was mistaken. She had actually won an amazing £1,000,000 prize! Imagine her face when she found out that her prize was much larger than expected!

Mistaken Prize Amount:

During the call, Mrs. Fox mentioned that the thousand pounds would help her during the Christmas holidays. It was then that the official of Lottoland told here that she had in fact earned a £1,000,000 prize with the online game.

The lucky winner from Scotland could not believe her luck and was unable to speak after she found out about her big win. She and her husband now plan on using the money to enjoy their life, buying a home in a much warmer climate.

According to European Gaming…

Mrs. Fox stated that she is a regular player at Lottoland and visits the site once or twice a week. She usually bets on the overseas lottery drawings, including the ones in the United States. This time around, she decided to give the scratchcard a try and what a decision that was!

Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell commented on the big win as well by stating: “Stories like these are why we do the job we do. To hear Mrs Fox’s totally incredulous voice on the phone is wonderful. It is a true shock for her and a win that will change her life forever.”

New Jackpot Games:

The news of the big win comes just a few days after Lottoland announced a brand-new free-play game. Jungle Jackpot launched last week, offering players a new game where up to £1,000,000 is up for grabs. Players simply have to select the final rankings of the 12 contestants who are taking part in the recent series I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Television show. Guess correctly and win the cash!