It has been three weeks since the second edition of the Prague Gaming Summit has come to an end and organizers of the event have announced noticeable growth for the conference. The Vienna House Prague hosted the event on March 29th, with tickets selling out, which led to organizers extend seating from the originally planned for 100 top-level delegates to 120.

The event started with delegates networking with one another and eagerly awaiting information to be shared by the lineup of expert speakers. Event representatives greeted the delegates, helping everyone to register and provide information about the programming before the conference began.

Commenting on the event, Head of New Sales at NetEnt, Nadiya Attard, stated: “Prague Gaming Summit is definitely the most important event when it comes to learning and networking with the experts of the industry from Central European countries. NetEnt is always interested in finding partners that comply with local laws and we have dedicated ongoing efforts in order to provide the best solutions in regulated markets. Being among the delegates who also attended the inaugural edition in 2017, I can say that this year’s event has doubled in participant numbers and has taken the event’s experience to the next level.”

Several panels took place during the conference in Prague, including one focused on the gambling industry of Poland. This panel included insight from Piotr Dynowski of Bird&Bird, Kamil Popiolek of Kancelaria Popiolek and Zddenek Lang, of Superbet Poland. The panel focused their discussion on the important challenges that operators face when entering the gaming market.

After several panels, the event was finalized but was not ‘officially’ over. The delegates attending were invited to take part in a final networking session titled The Official Networking Party. NEBE Kremencova hosted the after-party, the most popular venue in Prague. This created a relaxed atmosphere for the networking party.

Organizers of the 2018 Prague Gaming Summit have thanked the delegates for attending the second edition and are using feedback received to already begin preparing for the 2019 edition. Delegates are invited to follow the social media accounts of Prague Gaming Summit and European Gaming Media to be able to keep track of the latest information involving any upcoming events or announcements.