For the second time this year, the VIP gaming room of L’Arc Macau is subject to theft. The venue is currently involved in an investigation where it has been alleged the embezzlement has taken place, with HK$1 million involved.

Economic Journal reported the second theft, after a member of the Judiciary Police stated that a manager of the VIP room had taken deposited cash from a client on the 17th of February. The spokesman revealed no further information and the L’Arc has yet to speak out on the matter.

This is the second time the VIP room is involved in an embezzlement case in a matter of weeks. Just last month, the police force of Macau began investigating the Casino L’Arc VIP room, with a senior staff member being questioned. This cash was a much larger amount, with HK$99.7 million believed to be involved.

This second case now brings more attention to L’Arc Casino’s VIP room issues as well as the overall problem with embezzlement in Macau. In the past, operators were not as concerned with the activity but now with the downturn in gaming, operators cannot afford the after effects.